Getting Started in Phlebotomy

After you receive your formal training to become a phlebotomist, you have the chance to work directly with patients drawing blood. Your job doesn’t stop there through, because you oftentimes are responsible for preparing the specimen for further testing, and in some cases conducting the blood tests. To be skilled in this field, you must receive the proper training, which begins with learning how to get started.

Phlebotomist Training

Why Attend Phlebotomy Training? If you’re contemplating whether you should attend training, there’s plenty reason why you should. In fact, the proper training determines your level of success in the field. Not to mention, all the other benefits you receive from a phlebotomy training program.

Phlebotomist Schools

Phlebotomy schools provide a prospective phlebotomist with the training needed to have a flourishing career in the field. There’s more than one type of school you may attend to obtain your state and/or national certification. No matter which school you attend, you can earn the right to call yourself a phlebotomist.

Phlebotomy Training Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve listened to you and read your emails. What we figured out is that you have plenty of questions about becoming a phlebotomist. And, guess what? We’ve developed a list of frequently asked questions that will provide you with the answers you’ve been looking for.

How to Obtain Your State Certification for Phlebotomy

Depending on your state, you may or may not have to receive state certification to practice as a phlebotomist. In fact, Louisiana and California are the only two states that absolutely require the certification. Without the proper licensure, it’s incredibly difficult to get a job, since even in states without certifications requirements, employers look for some degree of competency to draw blood.

Phlebotomy Classes

Entering into any kind of training can be a difficult experience, whether you’re a recent high school graduate entering into an associate’s degree program or a busy working dad, who graduated 15 years ago who wants to earn his phlebotomy diploma. In order to survive and be successful, you need to be prepared. You need to create a strategic plan and adhere to it.

Preparing Yourself for Phlebotomy School

Now that you finally are enrolled and are preparing to attend class, you need to devise a checklist to keep yourself organized. Unlike when you were in high school, shopping for clothes isn’t the most important part of getting ready for class. In fact, preparing for class takes a whole new meaning when you’re taking classes at a college level.

Get Your Phlebotomy Training Through us

Knowing where to begin is only part of the process of becoming a phlebotomist. You also need to know what a program entails, and what you need to successfully complete a program. By using our website, you can find everything you need to succeed!

Choosing a Program is Simple Here

Selecting a school can be quite a tedious process. You definitely want to pick the right one to meet your needs, but searching the web provides you with a plethora of results that don't always meet the criteria you specified. Unlike a search engine, we supply you with schools that cater to your needs.

We don't provide you with a long directory full of schools that you have to scroll through. Instead, we make browsing simple. You can choose by location by merely typing in your zip code, so you narrow down the results to places only sited near you, rather than schools that would take you hours to drive to each day. While it's vital that a school is close to your current location since you have to attend clinicals, you may browse by the type of program you need, as well. If you're not interested in earning your associate's degree, why should you have to read information on schools that only offer you the option to attend a two-year degree program? Our search options give the power to narrow down your choices by more than one criteria, so you're only viewing schools that you'd actually be interested in. Another way to thin down the list of schools is to select whether you want to attend online courses. You might not be able to complete the entire program online, but having the choice to complete part of it online really helps for a person who already has a full schedule. Because only certain schools supply students with distance learning, it's nice to be able to select from schools with this option.

We are Experienced

We aren't like some sites that give you information we found. We present you with our experience in the field, and our experience in the classroom or clinicals. We don't just want to supply you with information, but we want to bestow upon you our wisdom and advice. Our ultimate goal is to have you succeed as a phlebotomist and learn from experts in the field how to do so.

Helping you Achieve Your Goals

We don't just help you find a school, but we help you to achieve your goals. Besides a directory of schools, we have systematic guides to choosing a school, preparing for school and how to be successful. Thus, we're not interested in being your source for educational listings, but your resource for everything you should know about becoming a phlebotomist and studying phlebotomy.

Screening Our Directory

We screen our directory carefully, so we aren't including schools that will scam you. Once again, we want to see you thrive in this field, not be taken advantage of. Therefore, we include schools with the proper accreditation, so you don't have to worry about spending a fortune on an education that doesn't assist you in reaching your goals.

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